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hey, let's get to know me better!

my name is sai (pronounced like "a sigh of relief"). i'm originally from sunny san diego california, and moved to the bay to join uc berkeley's class of 2021. i decided to major in computer science and data science because i love problem-solving and creating, but wanted a more interdisciplinary background. i'm also super interested in photography, design, statistics, web development, mobile development teaching, and marketing!

in addition to being a tutor and a peer consultant, i'm currently an officer of an organization called "anova" - an organization dedicated to improving computer science education in under-resourced communities across the bay. every week, i teach computer science to children in under-funded schools. i also facilitate a course in berkeley on education in under-resourced communities. my long term goal is to one day use my skillset to make a similar impact on a broader scale. but until then, i hope to build and develop my skills! i'm also a member of mobile developers of berkeley, uc berkeley's premier mobile development incubator, and love making apps!

in my spare time, i like to watch "the 100", play tennis, listen to hip-hop, eat samosas, explore the bay, and work on my (nonexistent) dunking skills! i made this website from scratch for a personal project, but definitely had help and inspiration from online resources (linked in the heart button below).

feel free to explore all my buttons below!